Since its inception, company is 100% family owned and headed by Mohanbhai Panchal as Managing Partner. Mr. Munjal Panchal,
CEO of the company is incharge of marketing, sales and service.

Mr. Mohanlal Panchal

After completing his engineering graduation, he established the company. His constant involvement in introducing new ideas and engineering concepts has strengthened company product and technology. He is mainly responsible for R&D, design and engineering innovation in the company.

Mr. Munjal Panchal

After completing his graduation, he joined the company in year of 1995. He is mainly active in handling all marketing, sales and service related functions in the company. During his 17 years with the company, he has represented it in many exhibition fairs and has increased its customer base to all over India. He has also increased the company’s reach by exporting its product to African, Middle East and Gulf Countries.

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